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SNOW PR is Poland’s first communication agency to take the pledge to achieve climate neutrality, officially joining the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Climate Neutral Now initiative. We pledge to control, reduce, and offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with our operations. We are also implementing new solutions for our clients to help them reach their environmental goals. 


Climate Neutral Now is an initiative that brings together businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as citizens worldwide in their efforts to become climate-neutral by the end of 2050, as outlined in the Paris Agreement. 


The pledge will involve three steps. The first and most crucial step is to measure and reduce the GHG emissions associated with the agency’s operations and offset the remaining unavoidable emissions by purchasing CER units under UNFCCC-certified projects selected by agency employees. In practice, this means a detailed analysis of several metrics, including energy and heat consumption, means of transport chosen by the employees, proper package delivery management, or decisions involved in business trips.


Step two is to minimize the negative environmental impact of services provided and educate clients on the subject. As far as we’re concerned, solutions that reduce the negative effects on the environment and – on the other hand – help to maximize the positive impact on the local community will always come first.


Step three involves education through workshops and consulting services for market participants. We want to share our experience in corporate social responsibility and sustainable event management with other agencies, industry associations, and sales departments. We can see a great demand for a more structured knowledge of the subject.

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